Let's explain the foundation in English.
The Silas Foundation Child neurology has been founded after a tragic loss of the chairman Mike his son Silas. While going for a run his son suffered a epilepsy attack and rolled in a stream where he drowned.
From the moment he went missing all the emergency services pulled together in finding him. After hours of searching the K9 units where sent in the field. But it was the handler who saw something just above the surfice that didn't feel right. And the nightmare of all parents just became real. Silas was found and there wasn't anything anyone could do anymore. Tragically he was almost home Silas, was found not even a 600 feet from his home.

Mike received the call while he was on his way to join the search only to hear that it was to late. When he arrived at the scene he blacked out. Knowing his son was lying there just a few, feet from him just turned him of. The emergency services had to jump on him and he just kept going like they where not there. And God they tried, and it's all because of his girlfriend that he came to himself again. A few agents took him back in front of the cars and there he went down. Screaming, crying and hitting the road out of pure desperation. The agents cried with him and they hold him.
Mike never left, he stayed at the scene not willing to go before Silas had been recovered and taken away.
To make matters worse his little niece is very ill and dying also from a neurological disease. She is 17 now and nobody knows a day, week, month. Every child is dear to Mike and it hurts him to feel helpless. That's why we founded this foundation. Because we want answers, treatments.

After weeks the first nightmares came. And he had terrible visions. He literally saw, smelled, heard how, his son being, consumed by the flames whyle being cremated. And this has gone up to,16 times a day while awake and, God knows how many while he is asleep. This bevause every night he literally drowns in sweat But there was and is more. He can't stand crowds, is, always on edge, can't except Silas his loss and is still waiting for his, call, his text, the doorbell to ring, gets flashbacks as he hears splashing water.

He was diagnosed with PTSD and following treatment at the moment. But the road is going to be long. More because his sisters daughter the same age as Silas is deadly ill and can die any second due to a terrible illness.

Mike had found a group on Twitter which gave him help and understanding. Mostly emergency workers with PTSD and during  talking some suggesting that there had to be something there could be done. Child neurology and emergency services are more close then people think. They are the ones who are called when it goes wrong and every second counts to get to the ER. But sadly not always things end as, when all hope and children die.

Child neurology is a special medical profession that really is a difficult and challenging job. There are more questions about most of the diagnoses then there are answers. And that's, just plain wrong. Research must be done to help and understand what it is that makes these children sick and more important how, to treat them and find a cure.

We are not fixated on just on illness because the list is so long and it's not up to us to say where money is needed to find a breakthrough. That's a question child neurologists can only answer. And we will try to support. Let it be clear all the members of the Foundation are volunteers and as much as we can will be paid out of our own wallets. No one gets paid, compensations or anything else. Do we need to use donated money for things yes sometimes it's a fact even we can't help. But never to gain profit for ourselves or not according to our statutes. Because we believe that every child counts and every emergency worker including our armed forces with PTSD should be helped. Together we stand, together we walk. Because together we can support each other and help one and other. So nobody is left and feels alone.

The Silas, Foundation Child neurology tries to raise money in order to make research possible. But also to make PTSD more aware. That's why we will organize every year a walk where emergency services and families who deal with child neurology come together. Because walking together brings us all together. It's gives support to both parties. United we walk because united we are strong.

Mike is going to hike the St'Olavsleden from Sweden to Norway with only a tent and his, backpack. No hotel or anything but all on his own. To face his fight with PTSD and to ask for more donations to help child neurology. But he is, going to do it all by himself so it's just him and nobody else.

During his hike he is recording his battle as well as the ups and the downs, write his blog and its going to be all posted on our YouTube, Facebook and our website.

Of course there is more information but we are working on a dual language website. But that takes time. Any questions you can always sent by mail or just here. For mail info@silas-challenge.nl

Mike will start his journey at August 19 2019 from Sundfall Sweden. As members of the board we are proud. And hope that our foundation is going to be a success. Because every childs life counts and any victim of PTSD needs to know that they will never be alone.

Like Mike always, said:" little steps"

We hope this gave you a little bit more inside why Foundation Silas Child neurology has, been founded. Please feel free to contact us, if you have any questions.
You can send your questions here or send your questions at info@silas-challenge.nl


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